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How to Organise Your Office Desk

How to organise
your office desk

If you are planning a new office, or you want to improve an existing workspace at home or in a commercial setting, investing time in organising your desk logically provides long term benefits.  Office desk organisation at work can not only increase productivity levels, but can even boost your physical and mental health.

This article will help explain this as buying the best office desk for your individual needs taking in account space limitations and budget is very important, and our Complete Guide to Office Desks is a good place to start.

It's important to find a desk that has sufficient surface area to house IT and other equipment, with enough room to manoeuvre comfortably.

The next step in office desk organisation is to position the desk to optimise natural light, without creating IT glare on brighter days. Are you able to position your desk to enable bookcases and cupboards to be placed nearby and can your chair move freely?

Once you have these major considerations sorted, here are more insights on how to organise your office desk.

Organising Your Office Supplies By Importance

If you’re unsure on where to start in the process of organising your office desk, then sorting things by importance is the most efficient way to ensure you have all your essential items at your fingertips. When deciding the importance of each item, ask yourself how often you use it or need it, so that you can keep your regular essentials close by, and those less-used items elsewhere to make more space on your office desk.

Another way you can reduce the amount of office equipment on your desk is by limiting how many duplicates you have of certain things. For example, rather than having a whole pack of pens taking up a corner of your office desk, reduce this to two pens to allow for more space for other important essentials.

Controlling The Personal Touches On Your Office Desk

Though it is nice to keep personal touches around your office desk for loving and family reminders, it is important to remember to keep the focus of your workspace on your work. While adding your own personal touches to your office desk can bring you a positive feeling, try to keep them to a minimum to prevent a cluttered looking desk.

One way you can maintain a good balance is by investing in an L-shaped radial desk and desk high pedestal. This desk has a larger worktop area where a separate space could be created for your personal belongings that won’t interfere with your working day, while still adding that personal touch to your workspace.

Talking of the personal touch, if you need more help with choosing office furniture and understanding how to best organise your office desk, don’t hesitate to contact Southern Office Furniture for friendly advice.

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