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Creating A Luxury Office Design

Creating A Luxury Office Design

Your office is an important space for your working life and can act as an extension of your business and brand. So, to help you create a stylish working environment and create an impressive first impression to visitors, this article is going to outline some useful tips, tricks and design inspiration that will help you create the perfect luxury office.

Create a Modern Office Design with Sleek Materials

A luxury office space should look a little bit special, so try to incorporate sleek materials and components into the space. Glass desks are an excellent example of this, as they provide a bold yet sleek design that is more akin to art than furniture. Consider pairing a glass desk with a leather operator chair to foster an aesthetic of professional opulence. This gives your office space a look that is inviting and commanding at the same time.

Using sleek materials to accentuate your office space is another great option. From chic designer lamps to elegant modern shelving, you can build on your luxurious style with one or two additions that use sleek materials. More importantly, you can bring practical and beautiful accessories to your office that benefits the aesthetic and your working life.

Make A Standout First Impression With Luxury Reception Areas

If you have a reception area, you can make an excellent first impression with visitors and staff by creating a sense of calm and luxury.  Try to keep the aesthetic uniform with other areas of your office space so that it feels unified and part of a shared space.

Painting the walls in a warm, neutral colour and introducing lighting that is soft and subtle helps to create an inviting atmosphere. You might consider a reception desk with a polished wood counter coupled with flooring in marble or hardwood and comfortable seating and occasional tables.

Some other great considerations for the reception area include getting reception chairs that are comfortable and use luxurious materials and finishes. You might also want to consider a coffee table to tie the room together and create a few focal points with office plants or other accessories. If you’re okay with a more informal, relaxed look then look into sofas to add to the reception area.

Make A Bold Impression With An Executive Desk

One of the most important focal points of a luxury office is your desk, which often acts as a centrepiece in an office space. Executive desks and chairs work perfectly and can set the tone and aesthetic of the office space.  The difference between an executive desk and a regular desk is their size. They tend to be larger and are manufactured from higher quality materials. You could go with a modern look that uses sharp angles or something more traditional that exudes a little bit of decadence.

You can pair a modern executive desk with an executive chair that offers supreme and aesthetic appeal. Sumptuous leather office chairs offer a smart and sleek appearance, whereas fabric executive chairs offer a more flexible colour palette.

Be Mindful Of Your Colour Palette

Your colour scheme should be a careful consideration because it can really set the tone of a room. If you are going for a modern look, think minimalist and use lots of whites, blacks and grey tones to create a charming, contemporary aesthetic. Alternatively, use light browns and greys with the addition of some decorative furnishings like lamps to add character.

Most importantly, try not to go overboard with any one particular colour or lots of different colours. Too much colour and it can become chaotic, too little colour and it can feel clinical  - so try to strike a balance. You can include a few accentuations with office plants too, as they offer a rich verdant addition to any office.

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