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Workplace Design Positively Correlates With Work Satisfaction And Engagement

Workplace Design Positively Correlates with Work Satisfaction and Engagement

There has been much research made into work satisfaction that suggests engaged employees are less likely to leave their current place of work, they're more productive and take less time off work due to sickness.  

We're strong believers here at Southern Office Furniture that workplace design can have a huge impact on employee engagement and satisfaction.  We have had plenty of feedback from our clients, and our recent survey has backed this up.

We asked 350 employees based in the UK “How important do you think workplace design is in terms of work satisfaction and engagement?”  

Here's our findings...

60.7% of respondents agreed that workplace design is somewhat important or very important in terms of work satisfaction and engagement.

Only 12.3% of respondents suggested workplace design did not have a bearing on their work satisfaction and engagement.


As you might expect, the younger generation believe workplace design has a larger impact on work satisfaction and engagement than the older generation.

Comparing 25 – 34 year olds to 55 – 64 years olds

We can see that 70.2% of 25 – 34 year olds feel workplace design is an important factor in work satisfaction and engagement levels.  Whereas only 51.2% of the older generation (55 – 64 year olds) believe it's an important factor.

Perhaps this is due to the increasingly accommodating college and university facilities the younger generation are now experiencing before they're entering the workplace.  Fitness centres, flexible class schedules, state of the art technology and the ability to work in whatever environment they choose, to name but a few.


While there wasn't a significant difference between genders, the survey suggests women regard workplace design as having more of an impact on engagement than men.

How important do you think workplace design is in terms of work satisfaction and engagement?

To the question above 58% of men responded with Very Important or Somewhat Important, whereas 62% of women responded in the same way.

So, what more can be done to workplace design to boost engagement levels?

  A study by Steelcase found that a huge one third of employees across the globe are disengaged.  The same study looks at what more can be done within the workplace to help boost engagement levels.  Some of the key findings include using workplace design to give employees choice and control over when and how they work.  For example, providing employees with areas where they can focus and have some privacy are equally as important as providing open-plan areas for collaboration.

Providing spaces for social and informal connections as well as enabling workers to physically move around are also important design aspects to consider. Movement is great for brain regeneration so sit-stand desks and encouraging workers to take exercise during their breaks could help to generate some of the businesses best work!

Here at Southern Office Furniture we pride ourselves on the many years of experience we have gained in this field and the quality of our office furniture solutions.  If you are considering a fresh office design please call us to discuss your requirements and we will be sure to help you achieve your goals.

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