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Top Office Furniture Trends For 2022

top office furniture trends for 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted offices throughout the world, with a shift in many businesses to remote working and flexible working. The dramatic changes in the way we work have significantly impacted office design trends, with workers looking for comfort, efficiency, and functionality. If your business is looking to adapt to these changing demands, we are here to help with this list of the top office furniture trends for 2022.

1. Sustainable office designs

The increasing awareness of our environmental impact is a trend that strongly influenced office design in 2021, and as designers move towards more eco-friending office furniture designs, this is set to continue in 2022. From the installation of LED lighting to the use of sustainable materials, there are many ways to reduce our impact within the workplace.
We always strive to offer a product range that is as sustainable as possible, so you will find many natural materials within our office furniture ranges that are sourced from eco-conscious manufacturers.

2. Furniture for collaborative working

In 2021 we saw many offices adding areas for collaborative working, which employees valued after working in their quiet home environments. This trend is set to continue, with unassigned comfortable workstations for those who are only in the office for a short time, casual rest areas, sit-standing desks and informal style meeting areas.

Working from home has taught many businesses that not everyone is suited to working at a standard office desk, some prefer to stand, and in many situations, traditional boardroom meetings are often more productive in a more casual setting, such as our meeting pods and booths. It is also possible to create designated spaces using floor standing screens within an open plan office, so that quick and informal meetings can take place with some privacy.

3. Bold and bright colour schemes

Although neutral creams and white can be used to create a calming space, this year we are seeing many offices add shafts of bold and bright colours to create energetic, fun spaces. A great tip is to incorporate the company's brand colours into the workspace and include rugs, cushions, blinds, and plant pots to create a modern and vibrant finish. Not only will this improve the overall design, but the use of brand colours will also help to build brand recognition with those who visit your business.

It is even possible to incorporate colour into your office chairs, office desks and other furniture choices, which will help to really bring the colour scheme together. By incorporating more colour into the room, it will help staff to relax and feel comfortable, which is essential when bringing employees back into the office who may have been working from home during 2020 and 2021.

4. Personal touches

Workers have become accustomed to the comfort of working from home, where they are surrounded by personal touches such as curtains, comfortable seating, warm lighting, and other homely accessories. Already this year we are seeing more enquiries for our reception sofas, which were once usually reserved for reception areas. With a range of fabric and leather sofas available, these can be paired with accessories to create a warm and welcoming environment where staff are able to relax and collaborate.

 5. Elements of nature

After spending much of the past 2 years working from home, many office-based workers are wanting to spend as much time outdoors as possible. By incorporating nature within the office through plants, access to outdoor spaces and natural materials such as wood, stones and even adding a fish tank, staff will feel happier and more energised while at work. There are many low maintenance plants that are great options for offices, such as cacti, snake plants and succulents, so embracing nature doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process.

6. Flexible workspaces

Flexible workspaces often referred to as ‘hot desks’ have been around for many years, however, the continued shift towards more flexible ways of working is expected to drive this office trend further in 2022. If members of your team work both in the office and remotely, it will be useful to have plenty of desk space available for them to use, without having to worry about where everyone is going to sit.

There are many ways to achieve this, especially as the number of desks required pre-pandemic was likely to be far higher than current levels, so in theory, many businesses will have more floor space available. Instead of retaining desks for every member of staff just in case they are in the office, think about creating areas which can be used for casual meetings, and rest areas, whilst also doubling up as extra space for flexible workers. Alternatively, large boardroom tables can be equipped with comfortable office chairs, to provide additional seating when required.

7. Improved focus on health and wellbeing

Many offices are familiar with Covid-secure measures, such as the installation of hand sanitisation points and screen dividers. Naturally, many office workers are still very anxious about working within busy environments, so we expect businesses to further improve their focus on health and wellbeing within their office designs this year.

There are many ways to improve the quality of the work environment, from providing extra storage for personal effects in the form of storage cabinets through to improving airflow and adding more natural light. By creating a calm and clean environment, staff will feel safer, more relaxed, and much happier to be in the office.

Contact us today and discover the latest trends in office design!

Here at Southern Office Furniture, we're proud of our extensive range of office furniture, which includes the latest styles and designs. Whatever your office furniture needs our experienced team will be more than happy to advise on the ideal options, whether you are looking for on-trend office desks, sofas for collaborative working or height-adjustable desks for your remote workers. To find out more about our predictions for office furniture in 2022, or to discuss our extensive collection in more detail, call us today.

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