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Choosing Reception Desk

How to Choose the Perfect Reception Desk

Choosing the right reception desk is important if you want to make the right first
impression when guests enter your office. It is therefore a decision that should be taken
carefully and not rushed. There are many types of desks available, so here are a few of
the main factors to consider when choosing yours.

Appearance & Style

Your reception desk wants to reflect the style of your brand as much as possible. For
example, your desk could be something modern and trendy such as a curvy shape with
bright, bold colours or it could be something more conservative, composed of blacks,
browns and natural wood.

Think about what your customers and business associates would expect to find upon
entering your company, and make sure your desk matches their expectations.

Desk Size

The size of the desk will be affected by the size of the room, and whether you have a large
reception area or a very small space, this will influence the size of desk you choose.

If you have a very large space that you don't want to feel too bare, you could opt for a
larger desk to take up more of the room. Alternatively, you may want to position a small
desk out of the way to provide your visitors with more space because a desk that is too
big can make the room seem cramped. The key is to find the right balance.

Practical Requirements

As well as the appearance and the impression you want to give visitors, you have to
consider the person who will actually use the desk. The receptionist must find it comfortable
and practical for their purposes because it is a place of work as well as an important factor
in making the right first impression.

If possible, ask them which features they need from their desk. Do they require drawers to
store things away, perhaps fitted with locks? Will they require space for a computer, in-tray,
books, notes, stationery, plants, printer, fax, etc? If the receptionist has a lot of equipment,
you want to avoid the desk appearing cluttered when visitors enter the room.

Hide the Desk

One of the problems with being a receptionist is that the desk is always on display, and this
may be uncomfortable for them as well as creating aesthetic challenges in the reception
area. One common option is to have a barrier between the desk and the visitors to keep the
surface of the desk hidden.

This consistently presents a clean and tidy area irrespective of what is actually on the desk
at any time, and many reception desks come with this feature.

Choose the Right Desk for Your Reception Area

The desk is one of the main considerations in the reception area, so make sure you take all of the important factors into account and choose the right one. However, remember that the desk is only one part of the reception area, and the other elements including the plants, lights, wall art and colours will all play a role in the overall look and feel of the room. So make sure everything works in harmony to create the perfect impression on visitors.

To browse a fantastic range of reception desks visit SouthernOfficeFurniture.co.uk. Whatever
look you want to create, they’re sure to have the perfect desk for your office space.

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