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Cool Office Spaces

Cool Office Spaces: 10 of the Best from Around the World

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, but some are far more interesting than others. As companies realise the benefits of making their offices into interesting and inspirational spaces, more and more such offices are appearing.

Here are 10 of the coolest offices from around the world to use as inspiration for your own office.


The Facebook campus in Menlo Park in California is an open, green area that is designed as a fun and inspirational place to work. There is plenty of outside space, making it feel more like a mini town than a place of work. It comes with two cafés, a Mexican restaurant and art murals everywhere, and the whole effect is to make employees feel as comfortable as possible while inspiring creativity and interactions.


The Lego office in Denmark is a colourful open-plan space that is designed to encourage interaction. This is a company that thrives on imagination, and the whole office seems to be designed to keep the staff happy and creative.

selgas cano

This inspirational office located in a forest just outside of Madrid is the ultimate relaxing work environment. Half of it is built underground, and the large windows look out on the forest views to create a light and peaceful work environment that is certain to boost employee productivity.

Think garden

This office in Milan focuses on the inspirational and relaxing power of plants by bringing the natural world inside. Nature is reflected everywhere through the flowers, plants and trees as well as the furniture, creating a unique working environment.

Red Bull

The Red Bull office in London was converted from five pubs, creating an original new building. The decor is sleek and modern, it has unique features throughout, and overall it is designed to be a relaxing atmosphere that enhances creativity and collaboration.


Google's offices are known for being cool places to work, including such features as slides instead of stairs, climbing walls, roof pools and even football pitches. You only have to see the new office that will open at King's Cross in London in 2016 to see just what a creative and different space it will be to work in.

Corus Entertainment

This Canadian media company is another that knows the value of a fun, vibrant office space. Its Toronto-based office has a huge slide for getting down the stairs, and it also includes a unique living wall to bring the calming effect of the natural world inside.


This large shoe retailer has its company headquarters in Las Vegas. Its main focus is on individuality, and for that reason the employees are allowed to design their own cubicles in their own personal styles to create unique spaces to work. It also features a roof terrace, gym, yoga studio and coffee shop.


Located in San Bruno in California, YouTube is, as you might expect, another company that wants to ensure its employees work in an inspirational environment. A gym, indoor golf and a swimming pool are just a few of the features that make this a relaxing and fun place to work.


The AOL office in Palo Alto, California, is a colourful, stylish space complete with pool tables and other games. It focuses on creating a fun and motivational working space where collaboration is encouraged.

If you’re looking for perhaps less extravagant inspiration for designing your office space, browse Southern Office Furniture for a selection of smart office furniture, ranging from traditional styles to ultra modern design.

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