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How Can I Improve My Reception Area?

how can i improve
my reception area?

How many reception desks have you stood at in your lifetime? If you are like most of us, you've probably lost count. The reception area is ubiquitous in modern life. We find them in office buildings, hospitals, hotels, and many other places. And because reception areas are as varied as the buildings in which we find them, they rarely look the same.

If your company or organisation provides a reception area, consider how that area is used and what does it look and feel like? Do the decision-makers in your organisation truly understand the importance of the reception area and how it affects guest perceptions?

What Constitutes a Reception Area

Understanding the importance of the reception area requires first defining what it is. A reception area and lobby are not the same thing. A lobby is that space you occupy upon first entering a building. It could be a rather small space or something quite large. What makes it a lobby is the fact that it is just open space.

The reception area is different. It is more than just empty space. It offers at least one reception desk staffed by team members who greet and direct guests. Reception areas might also include furniture where guests can be comfortably seated while they wait for the person they are there to meet.

Why Reception Areas Are Important

The reception area in any building is important in the sense that it creates the first impression a guest will have upon arrival. A warm and welcoming reception area creates a positive first image. Conversely, a cold and uninviting reception area can create a negative image. This should make clear why so much thought is put into how reception areas are decorated and furnished.

Tips for Improving Your Reception Area

Letís discuss some tips for improving your organisation's reception area.

1. Consider the Reception Desk

As a starting point consider the reception desk now occupying the space, as It should be large enough to comfortably accommodate staff members and the work they do. If your organisation has a single receptionist, you might not need too large a desk. But if multiple staff members provide reception services during the day, a larger desk is in order.

The desk should accommodate both sitting and standing positions. Reception staff will be seated most of the time, but they may have to stand in order to properly serve guests. As such, a multi-level desk accommodating both positions is ideal.

2. Consider the Furniture

Next up, take a good look at any furniture you have in your reception area and consider first and foremost, is it comfortable? Guests may be seated in your reception area for some time, so providing comfortable reception sofas and chairs can help to make their experience a pleasant one.

After comfort, reception area furniture should be in keeping with the interior design philosophy of the space available. If you have furnished a modern space with outdated furniture it will not be aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, an older style area will accommodate more traditional furniture.

3. Ditch the Magazines

Some types of reception areas offer guests a variety of magazines to read. Magazines however, can get out of date very quickly, so as an alternative try hard cover coffee table books.

4. Minimize the Greenery

Every reception area needs some greenery to help liven it up. However, unless the interior design of the space calls for large amounts of greenery, keep it to a minimum. There should be just enough greenery to brighten up the space without making it hard to manage.

5. Provide Plenty of Light

Few things make a reception area as warm and inviting as natural light. If the amount of natural light is limited by the building's architecture, do your best to simulate it with plenty of soft, warm lights.

6. Turn down the Music

Finally, having music played in the reception area is a good idea, but it should be an ambient feature rather than a dominating noise. Opt for a calming music choice that puts your visitors at ease.

Your organisation's reception area gives guests a valuable first impression. Hopefully the tips in this post will help improve yours.

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