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Desk Top Screens & Dividers

Desk Top Screens & Dividers

Maximise your office space and enhance staff privacy with Southern Office Furniture’s versatile range of desktop screens and dividers. Our selection, available in various colours and styles, caters to any budget and office environment. From sleek acrylic dividers to functional fabric and acoustic screens, our desk-mounted solutions are perfect for creating individual workstations that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Desk Top Screens & Dividers

Southern Office Furniture's desktop screens and dividers are designed to transform your office into a space of enhanced productivity and personalised comfort. Recognising the importance of space optimisation and privacy in the workplace, our range of desk dividers is crafted to meet the diverse needs of any office setting.

Our collection features a variety of shapes and designs, ensuring a perfect fit for different desk layouts. Whether you're looking for the clarity of acrylic dividers, the texture of fabric screens, or the sound-absorbing properties of acoustic screens, we have an option to suit your specific requirements. These desk-mounted screens not only provide a sense of personal space for staff but also contribute to a well-organised and visually appealing office environment.

Opting for our desk dividers means choosing a quick and cost-effective way to break up workstations. They are easy to install and can be effortlessly integrated into existing office layouts, making them an ideal choice for offices undergoing refurbishment or reorganisation.

In addition to our desktop solutions, we also offer a comprehensive range of office screens, including floor-standing screens, which are perfect for creating larger, more defined areas within your workspace. These screens are particularly useful for reducing noise and further enhancing privacy in open-plan offices.

Whether you're looking to improve individual workstations with desk-mounted dividers or create broader divisions with floor-standing screens, our products are designed to provide practical, stylish solutions for your office. Explore our range to find the perfect screens and dividers that align with your office's layout and aesthetic, and experience a workspace that is both functionally and visually enriched.

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