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Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Welcome to Southern Office Furniture, your destination for high-quality office chairs. Our range includes executive, boardroom, meeting room, mesh chairs and more, each crafted with good quality materials for optimal comfort and support. Tailored for every professional need, our chairs enhance productivity and well-being. Discover the perfect balance of style and functionality for your workspace!

Operator Chairs

Explore Southern Office Furniture's curated collection of operator chairs, tailored for a variety of business premises. Our versatile range features fabric office chairs in various colours and designs, meeting diverse style preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer chairs with or without arms, our selection promises comfort, adjustability, and superior support, ensuring an ideal match for every user's needs.

Executive Chairs

Discover Southern Office Furniture's range of executive office chairs, blending comfort with modern aesthetics. Our selection, including leather and fabric options, caters to both contemporary and traditional office designs. Offering quality, style, and competitive pricing, these fully adjustable chairs are perfect for any management team, promising both luxury and support. Experience the epitome of executive seating with next-day delivery options available.


Explore Southern Office Furniture's robust selection of 24-hour office chairs, crafted for round-the-clock operations. Our chairs, adaptable for various body types, come in fabric, leather, or mesh, offering many colour options. Designed for continuous use, they provide unmatched comfort and support. From diverse styles to competitive pricing, these chairs are a vital asset for businesses that never stop.

Meeting Room Chairs

Here at Southern Office Furniture we present a diverse range of meeting room chairs, catering to all sizes and styles of meeting spaces. Our selection, featuring fabric, leather, and mesh options, ensures comfort and support for all users. Whether you seek breathability or elegance, our chairs are designed to complement any décor and meet various budgetary needs, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your meeting rooms.

Boardroom Chairs

Discover our extensive range of boardroom chairs at Southern Office Furniture, tailored to enhance your meeting experience. Offering fabric, mesh, and leather options, our chairs are designed for comfort and style. Perfect for spaces big or small, our selection includes both stacking and non-stacking chairs in various colours, ensuring the ideal fit for any boardroom décor. Experience our commitment to quality, complemented by our office planning and delivery services.

Conference Chairs

Explore Southern Office Furniture's premium range of conference chairs, designed to suit every style and preference. Our collection includes fabric chairs available in a huge variety of colours, elegant leather options, and breathable mesh designs, ensuring comfort and versatility. With a variety of styles and prices to fit all budgets and décors, our conference chairs are perfect for any setting, from modern to traditional.

Factory Chairs

Southern Office Furniture presents a specialised selection of factory chairs and stools, designed for comfort and ergonomic support in factory and laboratory environments. Our range includes adjustable chairs and durable, easy-to-clean stools, crafted from quality materials to fit any budget.

ESD Chairs

Explore our range of ESD chairs and stools, expertly designed to minimise static discharge in electronic component facilities. Our collection, meeting the latest European Standards, features chairs made from ESD fabric and conductive vinyl, ideal for sterile environments. With various fabric colours and gas lift heights available, these chairs are tailored for safety and comfort in specialised workspaces.

Stacking Office Chairs

Discover our versatile range of stacking office chairs, perfect for space-saving and flexible seating arrangements. Our collection includes both stacking and folding options, ideal for meeting rooms and various configurations. With a variety of styles and easy storage solutions like transport dollies and trollies, these chairs are a practical choice for any business looking to maximise their office space efficiently.

Folding Office Chairs

Explore Southern Office Furniture's selection of multi-purpose folding office chairs, ideal for space-saving and adaptable seating solutions in any office environment. Our range offers affordable, lightweight, and compact chairs in various designs and colours, easily stored away when not in use.

Reception Chairs

Our carefully curated collection of reception office chairs offers stylish, comfortable seating options for any reception area. From sleek modern designs to classic comfort, our chairs cater to diverse décor styles, ensuring your guests are welcomed with elegance and comfort. Elevate your reception space with our range, designed to make a lasting impact on clients and visitors alike.

Reception Sofas
Fabric & Leather Ranges

Discover Southern Office Furniture's exquisite range of reception sofas, where style meets comfort. Our collection features an array of designs, from contemporary chic to classic elegance, perfect for creating a welcoming and sophisticated reception area. Each sofa is crafted for durability and comfort, ensuring a lasting impression on your guests and clients.

Meeting Booths & Office Phone Booths

Discover Southern Office Furniture's Meeting Pods and Booths, the ideal solution for enhancing privacy and collaboration in today's dynamic office environments. Our range, specifically designed for corporate settings, offers secluded, sound-managed spaces perfect for focused discussions and creative brainstorming sessions. Each pod and booth is a blend of contemporary design and ergonomic comfort, facilitating effective and comfortable meetings. Ideal for any business seeking to optimise their workspace for productivity and confidentiality, these meeting pods and booths are not just furniture – they are a crucial investment in your company's collaborative and innovative future.

Beam Seating

Explore Southern Office Furniture's beam seating range, where functionality meets modern design. Perfect for corporate settings, our beam seating provides a stylish, space-efficient solution for waiting areas, lobbies, and open-plan offices. Designed with comfort and durability in mind, these seats are built to endure the demands of daily use while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Our versatile collection offers various configurations to complement any office decor, enhancing both the functionality and style of your workspace.

Office Chairs

Different businesses have varied demands, whether it be co-working spaces or large corporate sectors, these environments all benefit from the adaptability of office chairs. From executive chairs to reception sofas, our office chairs have a variety of ergonomic features such as adjustable heights, lumbar supports, and tilt mechanisms, which are a testament to their indispensable nature in office settings. 

Recognising the critical role of ergonomics in workplace health, our chairs are designed with adjustable features to minimise physical stress and maximise support. This attention to ergonomic detail is crucial in fostering a relaxed, happy, and productive workforce.

What’s more, is that our collection of office chairs are also incredibly easy to maintain too! Read our useful guide on how to clean an office chair for detailed tips and tricks on caring for your office furniture.

Crafted using top-grade materials, these chairs offer choices ranging from supple leathers to breathable mesh, and sturdy fabrics. Each material is selected keeping durability and user comfort in mind, ensuring the chair remains a steadfast companion.

Beyond just functionality, aesthetics play an essential role. Available in a plethora of colours and designs, these chairs can seamlessly blend with or accentuate any office decor. From the conventional to the contemporary, there's a design for every taste.


What Is The Best Chair For Sitting At A Desk All Day?

The best chair for sitting at a desk all day should combine ergonomic design, ample cushioning, and adjustable features. Chairs with contoured backrests, adjustable armrests, and height settings, and proper lumbar support are ideal, such as 24 hour office chairs.

The chair should allow for movement and adjustability, ensuring that the user can change positions and maintain a natural spinal curvature throughout the day. Breathable materials and swivel features are also a plus.

Why Buy New Office Chairs?

As businesses evolve, so should the comfort and well-being of their employees. Modern office chairs are designed with the latest ergonomic principles in mind, ensuring that individuals receive optimal support throughout their workday, which can significantly reduce the risk of back pain, neck strain, and other posture-related issues. 

What Features Should You Look For In Office Chairs?

Selecting the ideal office chair involves focusing on various integral features. Foremost, an ergonomic design is essential, ensuring the chair offers comprehensive support to the spine, thereby promoting an optimal posture. The adjustability aspect can't be overlooked either, as the best chairs often come with features that allow tweaking seat height, armrests, backrest tilt, and lumbar support to tailor fit individual needs. 

The material of the chair plays a pivotal role in comfort, with breathable fabrics or meshes often preferred for extended use. Mobility factors, like the ability of the chair to swivel and its equipped castors, enhance the convenience, letting one move with ease without frequent standing. The nuances, like proper lumbar support, adequate seat depth and width, and supportive armrests, collectively determine the chair's efficacy in offering a comfortable seating experience, reducing fatigue, and enhancing work efficiency.

What Office Chairs Are Best For Neck & Back Pain?

Chairs best suited for neck and back pain are those that offer robust ergonomic features. Look for chairs with adjustable lumbar support, a headrest for neck support, and a backrest that aligns with the natural curve of the spine. The chair should also allow for easy adjustments to cater to an individual's height and sitting posture. 

Chairs that can recline slightly can also help in distributing weight and reducing pressure on the spine. Memory foam or contoured cushions can add to the comfort.


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