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Cafe & Breakout

Cafe & Breakout

Revitalise your office space with Southern Office Furniture's cafe and breakout range, a curated selection of contemporary and comfortable furniture, designed for relaxation and informal collaboration. This diverse collection features ergonomic chairs and stools, stylish tables, and inviting bench seating options. Embrace soft seating choices including plush fabric sofas and leather options, alongside innovative meeting pods and booths. Available in a variety of finishes and materials, these pieces are crafted to enhance any breakout area, combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality to foster a welcoming and dynamic workspace.

Cafe and Breakout Chair Ranges

Elevate your office's casual seating with Southern Office Furniture's cafe and breakout chairs collection. Our range offers a versatile array of ergonomic designs, suitable for cafes and breakout areas. From sleek, modern stools to comfortable, stylish chairs, each piece is crafted for durability and aesthetic appeal. With a choice of materials and colour options, these seating solutions enhance any office environment, promoting a relaxed yet productive atmosphere. Perfect for quick meetings or leisurely breaks, our chairs and stools combine functionality with modern office style.

Cafe / Breakout Table Ranges

Explore Southern Office Furniture's cafe and breakout tables collection, where functionality meets contemporary design. Our range includes a variety of tables, perfect for creating dynamic breakout areas in your office. From sleek circular tables to practical rectangular options, each piece is designed for versatility and ease of use. Ideal for both small and large spaces too, our tables are a smart choice for any type of office.

Cafe / Breakout Bench Tables

Southern Office Furniture's cafe and breakout bench tables collection is a fusion of practicality and modern design. These tables are crafted to suit any office breakout or café area, offering a range of sizes and heights for diverse needs. Their sleek and sturdy build makes them an ideal choice for collaborative spaces. Ideal for both casual gatherings and work sessions, these tables are a smart addition to any contemporary office environment.

Cafe / Breakout Soft Seating Chairs

Southern Office Furniture's cafe and breakout soft seating chairs collection offers a blend of style and comfort, perfectly suited for office receptions and breakout areas. This range features fabric chairs with both wooden and metal bases, offering a modern twist to any workspace. Designed for comfort and durability, these chairs are ideal for creating inviting spaces in your office, suitable for casual meetings or relaxation. Their sleek design make them a standout choice for any contemporary office looking to combine functionality with a stylish aesthetic.

Cafe / Breakout Soft Seating Fabric Sofas

Southern Office Furniture's cafe and breakout fabric sofas collection is a testament to modern design and comfort. These sofas, ideal for office breakout areas and receptions, offer a welcoming retreat for informal meetings or relaxation. Crafted from high-quality fabric, they come in various styles, ensuring a perfect fit for any office environment. Their durable and stylish design provides both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, making them a great addition to any contemporary workspace.

Cafe / Breakout Soft Seating Leather Sofas

Southern Office Furniture's cafe and breakout soft leather sofas collection embodies comfort. These soft sofas are perfect for office breakout areas, offering a sophisticated touch to any space. Designed for relaxation and informal gatherings, our range includes various styles, ensuring a perfect match for different office aesthetics. Crafted with good quality leather, these sofas are not only visually appealing but also durable and easy to maintain, making them a practical choice for busy office environments.

Cafe / Breakout Meeting Booths & Office Phone Booths

Southern Office Furniture's cafe and breakout meeting pods and booths offer innovative solutions for private and collaborative workspaces. These pods and booths are designed to provide secluded areas within open-plan offices, ideal for focused work or small group discussions. Available in various sizes and configurations, they are perfect for maximising space efficiency while maintaining an open feel. The modern design and sound-absorbing materials ensure privacy and comfort, making them an essential addition to any dynamic office environment.

Cafe & Breakout

At Southern Office Furniture, we proudly present our cafe and breakout range, a collection that blends comfort, style, and functionality to transform office breakout areas into dynamic spaces. This range is meticulously crafted to cater to diverse corporate environments, offering an array of furniture that supports both relaxation and informal work sessions.

Our selection of chairs and stools is ergonomically designed to provide good comfort, making them ideal for coffee breaks and casual gatherings. The variety extends from contemporary stools to more traditional seating options, ensuring there's a style to match every office décor.

The breakout tables in this range, available in different shapes like round, rectangular, and square, are perfect for fostering collaboration in the office and social interaction among team members. They come in various sizes to suit different space configurations, each table boasting a unique aesthetic appeal with durable finishes.

Our breakout bench seating options offer a modern twist on traditional seating, creating an inviting atmosphere for employees to gather and engage. These benches are not only stylish but also space-efficient, making them a perfect fit for any office layout.

The soft seating breakout chairs, including fabric sofas and leather sofas, add a touch of comfort. These pieces are designed to create a relaxed ambience, encouraging employees to unwind and recharge. Additionally, our innovative breakout meeting pods and booths provide secluded spaces for private discussions or focused work, enhancing the functionality of your office layout.

Each piece in our cafe and breakout range is designed with good quality materials, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. The range comes in a spectrum of colours and finishes, allowing for customisation to complement your existing office interior. Invest in our cafe and breakout furniture to elevate the look and feel of your office, creating an environment that encourages productivity, collaboration, and well-being.

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